Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some taunting photos for the taste buds...

While Matthieu spent the past two weeks hard at work, I was very busy eating the products of his toil and using the fuel for long walks around Rouen. 
Emilie- you will LOVE his petit pain au sucre!



  1. Those look fantastic! Are you supposed to eat all of your output or does the school do something with it, like stock an in-house restaurant or bakery?

  2. Pascal- I didn't eat ALL of it :) Matthieu brought home a sample of each work, and the rest of the output went to resto du coeur (food kitchens). The staff of the school comes in twice a day to pick their bread for home. Nice perk!

  3. WOW !!! I want to taste Matthieu's petits pains au sucre !!! Hard to resist when seeing these pictures ! I'm sure the one I bought yesterday at our bakery (like every weekend, you know... :-)) didn't taste as good as yours.
    I hope you're enjoying Morrocco.