Friday, April 27, 2012

We are very behind in blog updates...this is what happens when a child becomes mobile.  There is little time to blog between work, school, housekeeping, and telling a child: "NO- do not eat the cat. No- you cannot eat that onion. No- you should not throw yourself off the couch."

Over Spring break we were lucky to visit France and introduce Maximilian to his family! It was a fabulous week with good weather, great dinners, and lots of exploring.  Here is a link to our album (more picture to come).

A few favorites:

 First flight, sound asleep.

Mami, and the new airplane toy!
Loving Aunt Sophie

Practicing Standing
Crusing the Museum with Mam Goz

 Medieval Chateau avec Grandpere, Grandmere and Papa
Mathilde and Max meet!
I love this face.