Sunday, July 10, 2011

Merci les parents pour votre super visite!

                                     Dear readers,

Matthieu's parents graced us, Jackie's family and Greater Eastern Iowa with their visit, ending with their departure from O'Hare to Paris this past Thursday.

We had a wonderful time, and they have confirmed their great pleasure in visiting us, Jackie's immediate family and of course Max.  Pictures from the last few weeks have been added to Max's Picasa album (A link to which you can now find to the right of the most recent post).

We showed Grand-Père and Grand-Mère around Iowa City, spent time with Jackie's parents and Grand-Ma in West Des Moines and with her Grand-Parents in Indianola.  All parties involved enjoyed meeting in a more easy going and less crowded atmosphere than our wedding, the last time said family members had met.

After a trip spanning East/North East Iowa (Ames-Waterloo-Decorah-MacGregor-Dubuque-Davenport-Muscatine...), they came back for the 4th of July Week End and Iowa City's "Top 10 in the Nation" Jazz Festival. Fireworks in Iowa City drew "Oohs" and "Aahs" from all present.

Independence Day was spent in the Amana Colonies, with picnicking, antiquing, beer garden "visiting" and ice-cream licking on the menu.  We were graced with a wonderful sun-shining day and enjoying this first visit to this local attraction.

An all-around great visit for all, and tacit approval from Matthieu's parents of this Biger family living environment!

Happy Summer everyone!