Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Interlude: an apology and a poem

I feel like I have been very bad at updating this blog with interesting facts, experiences, and prose.  The Polaroid of the week keeps us on track- but there is so much MORE.  The food. the holidays. the people. the fashion. the history.  
There is almost too much for me to write about. 
So, tell me.  What do YOU want me to write about?  Leave a comment (it can be anonymous) and let me know what you think. Perhaps the picture is enough, and is all people want to look at.  Perhaps the only person I should be apologizing to is myself...because I know I will want to remember all of this. 

I leave this interlude with a poem by Ogden Nash:


There are several little things in life that keep me guessing.  
And one of them is what are the French words for French
leave and French-fried potatoes and French dressing.  
And I am also a trifle vague
About how you ask people to a Dutch treat or talk to them 
like a 
Dutch Uncle in The Hague. 


  1. Food!

    Travel mishaps!

    Rambling paragraphs about the direction of your lives.

    Mean spirited jabs at other cultures. Mean spirited jabs at your own cultures.

    The picture is NOT enough.

  2. I agree with Annie's thoughts on the matter.

    Also, have you guys been able to run any cyclists off the road with your vehicle during this visit? A pic of that would be epic.

  3. I also say we need more than just a picture! We need details, from what you use to brush your teeth to what kind of delicious cheese you are currently eating.

  4. Jackie,

    This is the first time I am checking out your blog. It is awesome. Even though we've had "brieonthecob" on our white board for months I didn't really get it (i.e. I did not realize you were keeping a blog ... and I even have a blog on blogspot) until this weekend and we saw Tara and family at a piano recital (S played). When I asked Ellen about it she said she is still too sad to check it out .... she's nuts sometimes.

    Anyway, I haven't read all your entries yet but I agree about seeing more stories about food and it's always fun to make fun of people from other lands.


  5. Adieu Rouen ! Bonne suite pour vos aventures en france et ailleurs !

  6. I will work on making more observations of cultural difference- filled with wit and good will though! Annie Jo- I DO have family here :)