Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chapter Three: In which Matthieu takes master crepe-maker classes and Jackie has private tutoring en francais.

       Week three brought us to the home of Matthieu's family.  We arrived in Saint Malo by ferry from Portsmouth, England on Saturday the 11.  The wonderful Sophie woke early to pick us up and drive us the 45 min South to Rennes, the capital of the Bretagne region of France and Matthieu's home.
       I had private tutoring Mon-Fri with an amazing and patient professour.  Two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon and about five hours of homework a night.  I think we wrote on over 80 sheets of paper!  On Wednesday, we spent the day at her house and I got to go to "La Poste"  to order bread at the boulangerie and she taught me some traditional French recipes as well for lunch.  My head feels a bit heavier after the week, and as my father in-law Pierre-Henri says, my foot is now in the stirrup and all I need to do is swing my leg on the horse.
       Matthieu took week one of a week and half session of mastering the art of crepe making. He learned how to prepare the doughs for the sweet and salty crepes, to be technical in America we often just say crepes but the savory ones are called galettes.  These are the ones you might fill with cheese, ham, eggs, mushrooms, etc.  He also made cookies and cakes using crepes. His work is incredibly tasty and we hope to share his new talent with family and friends!

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