Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chapter One, Part Two: In Which Jackie and Matthieu take a train to Galway to see the sites of misty, moisty east Ireland.

   After a car-rental gone wrong in Dublin, Jackie and Matthieu hopped on a train west to Galway for the weekend.  They arrived in the early evening and found a cheap room at a small but friendly hostel.  The got to pretend they were at camp with bunk beds, a basin in the room, and freezing cold tile floors with only cold water to bathe.  Sadly, unlike at camp, there wasn't any sunshine to go run around in afterwards. 

  The two spent Friday night hanging in a pub called the Crane, which is known locally for its musical sessions.  Musicians drop in every night just to play together and the results were phenomenal.  The pair had so much fun listening to the live music that they returned the following evening for an encore performance.  Saturday's line-up included a magical harp solo that hushed the room.  It was as if you were listening to a prayer.

   These two bone-chilled travelers (yet happy with the warmth of tea at every corner) boarded a musty tour bus for a day trip through County Clare.  Stops included castles, an area of land called the Burren (in which there are magnificent limestone shelves) and the spectacular and windy Cliffs of Moher. 

   Many thanks to Beatrice for hosting us in Dublin, and driving us through the hairpin turns and amazing sites of the Wicklow mountains and Sally Gap! 

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