Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Matthieu and I are in the midst of a Road Trip around Brittany, the western region of France.  Big thanks to Matthieu's family who loaned us a car! It has allowed us to explore small roads and coastlines.  France is an amazing country to just GO in.  There are awesome information tourist centers in most villages (look for the blue lower case i).  These tourist centers post lists on the door: campsites, B&Bs (gites in France), and hotels. Even when they are not open you can find what you need. But better yet, the signposts in town TELL you where to go for camping, hotels, and gites.  The handy blue rectangular signs will guide you to a good night's rest.  Campgrounds abound, and many municipalities run them, offering a cheap night's sleep.  You can actually camp in cities! 
I wish America had more of this- it would make travel much more affordable.

So far we have wound our way from Rennes to the Granite Coast, to Brest, to the Crozon Peninsula, 
to Quimper.  More entries to come on this beautiful country!

Camping at the municipal campground, next to the soccer fields, in Camaret-sur-mer:
(Thanks to the Bigers for the car, the tent, the sleeping pads, the maps and Matthieu!)

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  1. Pierre Henri BigerMay 13, 2010 at 1:17 AM

    And we thank the United States for Jackie !