Thursday, October 15, 2009

Book Group! I will miss you.

I have been lucky to have the most amazing book groups at the library. One has been meeting for THREE years!  I will miss this phenomenal bunch of kids.  They are witty, smart and incredibly fun. Last Thursday we had an online chat with author Sarah Prineas  the author of the intriguing fantasy book The Magic Thief.  It was a cool experience.  She was very giving of her time, and answered questions with humor and honesty.  Thank you!


  1. We will miss you too

  2. Miss Jackie,
    The library isn't the same without you and everyone misses you. I hope you are having fun on the boat. Remember to hug your backpack at night!
    Love Natalie

  3. Today was our first day at the library and Luke noticed your absence within 5 minutes... We miss you and hope you're enjoying every minute.